With over four years of experience working on IT applications for sports betting business, we offer an extensive range of services for the development of all working processes that are part of a sports betting system:

  1. Web apps for online betting
  2. Automatic betting terminals
  3. Backend applications for offer management
  4. Backend applications for internal and tax reporting
  5. Desktop and web applications for cash and betting management in shop establishments
  6. Information systems for real-time betting offers and results

We work close to our customers when developing sports betting systems, with advanced, simple management, scalability, ease of use and high performance.

ProyectoSOL is an educational web platform that enables teaching and learning of Spanish language online via video-conference, and which in turn provides the opportunity to share all kinds of educational materials among its users, both teachers and students. Additional activities included are online talks, master lectures, online discussions, sponsored video channel, and more!

ProyectoSOL also provides private and customized web portals to Spanish language academies so they can teach online without any initial investment.

An educational network is created that connects hundreds of high qualified teachers with thousands of students all around the world, the only thing you need is an internet connection.

AGREmpresas is an integral technical solution for companies in the agricultural sector. It is an information system that facilitates the management and administration of agricultural business processes with the most adequate set of features.

AGREmpresas main features are:

Agricultural management (land resources, cultivation campaigns, daily jobs accountability, trading processes...)

Comprehensive reporting

Document management (contracts, invoices, memos, custom...)

Extensive documentation, online help and training courses.

Furthermore, AGREmpresas is a fully flexible and customizable solution, adaptable to the needs of your company.

Corporate Document Management

ESEBEDM provides your business with a corporate collaborative tool, with which you can create custom content (documents, contracts, files...), implement controlled workflows, enforce the Law on Data Protection (ISO 27,001) and have an efficient and automatic digital file management that will optimize the search of content, track versions of documents, and manage access permissions for users and workgroups.

It also integrates seamlessly with existing systems (databases, user directories / LDAP, intranets, extranets...), and is completely customizable, both visually and functionally.

ESEBEDM offers your company great advantages such as drastically reducing the time spent on daily administrative tasks, efficient use of organizational resources and working time, increasing the company's cost savings. The utility of document management tools for any company is beyond doubt, and ESEBEDM is the solution that can help you make the leap of quality in the management of your organization's resources.